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About Us

What We Do

Light In The Darkness is a community Interest company (LITD C.I.C.) that seeks to bring light, hope, and succor to society's downtrodden.

LITD C.I.C is a support organisation set up to support marginalised families in Greater Manchester.

We find vulnerable people in our community who aren’t currently accessing the support that they need. We provide one to one, person-centred family interventions and entirely tailored to the needs of the individual or family. This could include:-

  • Counselling
  • Coaching
  • Helping with daily tasks for those who are overwhelmed
  • We provide food bank and clothing where required
  • We provide a culturally appropriate food bank (needed because global majority beneficiaries were often provided with basics that they do not eat) - We are in talks with an African chef to build on this work.
  • We provide a safe bridge between individuals/families and the statutory service where there are sometimes cultural and other barriers that are often preventing adequate interaction between statutory services and the service user
  • LITD provides a peer support service to accompany beneficiaries to appointments to smooth the relationship between both parties that will enable the service user to access what they need in an equitable way, without misunderstandings on both sides

We are partnered with a psychologist who works with children and adults.

If the statutory services functioned as intended, our work would not be necessary.

Unfortunately, families and individuals are often only accessing these services when they are in crisis point.

We have been operating since 2017 and know that vulnerable people are often treated differently and unfairly sometimes due to lack of resources but also often due to cultural norms and institutional prejudices within the big health and social care, educational and criminal justice institutions that goes unchallenged.

We have a number of case studies that explain the seriousness of situations where people are unfairly represented or treated which are resulting in real people out there in Manchester who are not attending school because of breakdown of communications following serious incidents that have not been dealt with, children and parents attempting to take their own lives, families who are in grave danger because their home is in such poor condition, young people facing hate crime on a daily basis and not been taken seriously alongside numerous people facing mental health crisis because they are stuck in a system that does not enable progression simply because they are treated as a ‘case’ rather than as a human that needs support across a few sectors but those sectors do not talk to each other resulting in families falling through gaps.

Experience tells us that individuals within these statutory services are reluctant to be faced with evidence of clear breaches of duties of care, so there is no acknowledgment of a problem, animosity into dealing with the root causes of issues and reluctance to collaborate. This is difficult to hear but it is happening on a daily basis and anyone who is seen to be challenging the system is labelled as being ‘difficult’.


What people have said about us

Mama Hawa Camara

Mama Hawa Camara

My name is Mama Hawa Camara I’m a single mother with 4 children I’m a career and support worker working for Manchester City Council. In 2017 I moved from the Netherlands to the Uk when I arrived I had no support from....

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Adele Bomeme

Adele Bomeme

Shalom to you all, my name is Adelle Bomeme, and I met Beatrice many years ago. Beatrice is my giving daughter sent by God, she is a gift for this world. She started this project of LITD in front of my eyes and she was struggling herself....

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Christelle McDuthu

Christelle McDuthu

When I arrived in the UK, I didn't know that many people, and it was bit lonely. My head was full of ambitions. I spoke to Beatrice and told her about my plan to become an artist-designer at that time. I was studying English (ESOL)....

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Liliane Yamdjeu

Liliane Yamdjeu

Hello Amazing People, my name is Liliane Yamdjeu from Manchester, I am a student and a mother of 4 children. I am testifying how the project LITD has impacted my life as a volunteer when I started and lots of changes in different way ....

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I first met Beatrice over a decade ago, when I first arrived to the UK. I had a family that turned my life upside-down. When new reached to Beatrice, she contacted me straight away. Beatrice introduced me to the LITD project and....

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What’s the Need?

LITD CIC works with vulnerable people, largely from Global Majority communities who are experiencing poor mental and physical health due to trauma, oppression and poverty.

They are valued by society by their weaknesses and not their strengths. LITD CIC offers a strength based recovery plan. The strengths and needs of the people we work with is untapped.

These are the most vulnerable people in society, with lived experience of overcoming great challenges but have relapsed. Many of them come from professional backgrounds and have great practical skills to offer. However, these people are oppressed, silenced and have lost their confidence.

The purpose of the project is to aid recovery by tapping into their existing skills that enables them to move forward. However, while doing this, we recognise that they face many challenges and hardships including poverty, oppression, racism and personal and family mental and physical health challenges.

The intended Impact