Light in the darkness is a community Interest company (LITD C.I.C.) that seeks to bring light, hope, and succor to society's downtrodden.

We do this by providing emotional and moral support to disadvantaged individuals and families.

Such as asylum seekers and refugees who are at high risks of depression due to loneliness and low-income earners ravaged with poverty, and those who lack skills to get jobs that can cater for themselves and their families.

Our community also extends rays of light to the underprivileged Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities, with major priority given to those in the UK and its surroundings.

Light in the darkness was founded in May 2018 by a former refugee, Ms. Béatrice Guessie, who knows what it feels like to be tortured mentally, physically, and psychologically in the UK’s Asylum system—having experienced it firsthand. However, rather than let the experience hold her back in life, she has chosen to be a medium to shine a light on other people who are disadvantaged and have been through similar experiences.

LITD C.I.C. Agenda and Achievements 2018-2022

2018-2021 Public awareness on the stigma and social challenges faced by these vulnerable and disadvantaged groups above that our organization represents in Manchester through talks at: public and private events, workshops, Schools, Churches, Community events and distribution of leaflets, etc. with the technical support and advice of Unlimited Social Enterprise in Manchester, Centre for Women Justice (CWJ) in London, Congolese Organization in Manchester, ASYABI in Leeds, etc

April 2019 LITD C.I.C. CEO. Ms. Beatrice Guessie had been invited as one of the Speakers at the GMCVO Conference at St Thomas in Manchester.

In May 2019 LITD C.I.C. CEO. Ms. Beatrice Guessie had been invited at Garden Court Law Chamber in London by Centre Women Justice (CWJ) in London.

LITD C.I.C. educational Conference led on 17th of May 2019 in Manchester in which experience exchanges had been championed by welcoming “Experts by Experience and professional experts such as healthcare experts or professionals, psychiatric medical doctors, psychologists, lawyers, CIC experts, Charities experts and representatives, also attended by varieties of personalities such as the Honorable MP, Mr. Afzal Khan.

June 2019 LITD C.I.C. CEO. Ms. Beatrice Guessie had been invited as one of the Speakers at the Poverty Trust Conference in Manchester.

July 2019 winner of Inclusive Companies Awards by Ms. Beatrice Guessie, Founder & CEO of Light in the Darkness Also known as “LITD C.I.C.” organized and given by Inclusive Companies in the UK.

November 2019, winner of Mary Bernadette Speight Award by Ms. Beatrice Guessie, Founder & CEO of Light in the Darkness Also known as “LITD C.I.C.” organized and given by Inspiring Women Change Makers in the UK.

2019 Unlimited Social Enterprise Awards by Ms. Beatrice Guessie, Founder & CEO of Light in the Darkness Also known as “LITD C.I.C.” organized and given by Unlimited Social Enterprise in the UK.

2021-2022 LITD C.I.C. Conference planned for the awareness in which the experience and the ordeal of these and similar women are the driver for this conference. We aim to bring to fore the daily struggles of women and children in obtaining adequate care and support from Government Services while feeling safe and well looked after. We hope to examine the cultural stereotyping among social workers and other professionals and the stigma from past mental health struggles. These two issues create barriers to people from ethnic minority communities in accessing adequate care and support. The relationship should be of trust and respect; however, the opposite is seemingly the case with many Manchester families.

Mission statement

As a community interest company, we carry out the following activities for the betterment of the disadvantaged.

  • We act as a link between communities and the job centers, local employers, and educational institutions to enable individuals without skills to gain them gainfully employed to pick up skills or hone previously existing skills to find employment within their communities. Additionally, we help individuals take steps towards financial independence by mentoring and training them through Legal Aid, Employment, and Business Skills workshops.
  • We engage with a wide range of stakeholders involved in our work, including government agencies and statutory agencies, to ensure individuals in their various communities receive the necessary support to become self-sufficient.
  • We provide emotional and moral support, as well as motivational sessions all geared towards improving the mental health and well-being of individuals by showcasing success stories of those who have been through what they are currently undergoing and came victorious. To help spur them into achieving a better life for themselves and their loved ones.
  • We provide a center with phone lines, computers, and other helpful resources, including staff and volunteers who help facilitate communication with the NHS, Housing associations, Police, and crime units. This service is being particularly invaluable and super helpful to those whose first language is not English.

LITD C.I.C. provides a range of services for women and families experiencing abuse, trauma, discrimination, mental health issues, and immigration-related issues in Manchester & its Surroundings.

We equip women and families with tools such as counseling, advocacy to help reduce the risk of self-harm, harm to others and support their transition, integration, and development within the UK’s society, as well as addressing and championing their daily basis social challenges and experience exchanges among them through organizing social events conferences, workshops, seminars, etc.


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Our vision is to equip disadvantaged individuals and their families with life empowering tools to create a better life and reduce their dependency on governmental agencies.