How To Empower Women For The Future

To empower women for the future is an essential effort for the survival of the world. It is necessary to economically empower women to subdue poverty, sustain the family and the general well-being.

Women can improve their homes, invest in education, acquire skills and grow businesses when they unearth their economic expectations.

However, despite the potentials of women in developing society, they have increasingly been in the shadow of men regarding job opportunities, land and property ownership, and access to financial help and opportunity.

Any nation aspires to have a sustainable future, and development must be critical about empowering women economically and politically.

A research carried out states and women contribute highly to family growth and health, children’s education, and influence national development. Women are mighty only if they are allowed to strive.

Sadly, despite women’s incredible nature to significantly contribute to the nation’s economy, businesses, and entrepreneurial pursuit, they have continued to be undervalued and less provided with ample opportunity to serve. Though women in developed countries are already taking on the decision-making process, most of the women in developing countries continue to struggle and are exposed to gender-based violence.

To properly empower women, individuals and nations must close the economic gap and reinforce women for better sustainability. As awareness is increasing regarding these issues, it would be delightful to join the movement, not because it is about women alone but because it’s about the future. Hence, I will share ten ways to empower women for the future.

Ten ways to empower women for the future

1. Create essential job opportunities

Creating more job opportunities is essential to empower women. Women are crucial contributors to the nation’s economy, yet they don’t have equal job opportunities as men. It is best to know that any country’s future lies in how its women are managed and built to fit into the system. Giving women more job opportunities helps to nullify the pressure men faced in their later years.

2. Promote and support their business idea

Women are incredible with business ideas. Instead of discouraging them by not attending to their entrepreneurial spirit, the state should train them with business skills, marketable and open for job opportunities.

3. Include women in decision-making

Include women in decision-making is sure a secure way of empowering women. Many women are already an integral part of the decision-making in many countries, but we know the gap is still vast globally. With women growing stronger in what was once male-dominated space like industries, natural wellness, food production, climate change, etc., is enough reason to be entwined into the decision-making process’s fiber.

4. Campaigning against exploitative labor practice

 Exploitative labor happens everywhere, and anywhere there are no excellent structures put in place to tackle capitalism. This is a growing concern when women experience unpaid labor. As long as this remains, it won’t be easy to help women. Unpaid salary or underpaying must stop.

5. Professional mentorship to empower women

Giving professional mentorship will help to empower women for the future. One way to close this economic gap and help women actualize their entrepreneurial goals and promote them as leaders are by introducing mentoring programs with an approved and holistic strategy. Most often taking care of the personal and professional aspects.

6. Show support for women in crises

Many women are subjected to hardship, oppression, threat and are exposed to gender-based violence predominantly in developing countries. We can empower them by showing support against these practices.


7. Educate the women

Ensuring all women across all ages are duly educated is an essential factor. Education is one way to liberate women when administered. We must educate them and make that a priority.

8.Take care of the women

Women loved to be cared for. It is that important to them. Hence, empower them by showing care. Tell the woman close to you that you care. Start from your home, neighborhood, and workplace. Assist and encourage them.

9.Creating an enabling atmosphere for career development.

When women are encouraged to dig deep and advance career-wise, they become fulfilled and take on leadership roles.

10.Enforce gender equality

Develop systems and policies that sustain gender inequities and other types of discrimination. Procedures and techniques that favor women to be actively involved in decision-making must be promoted. This is to help them have a voice in the critical areas that affect them.

To continue promoting women’s empowerment, we need to create programs that help achieve the greater good. Although many programs are already taking women’s empowerment to the corridor of power, we need more to be creative, especially in developing countries where women are still subjected to cold and harsh treatment.

This is a necessity to empower women and break free from the traditional clutch and gender stereotype. To maintain sustainable growth, to keep up with the changing world.

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